War and Peace

Paola’s itsy-bitsy approaches to world peace

Chapter 2: War and peace

StreitA gets his nose busted from B. A knows, that B knows C and C is a a lying toad. So B gets his nose busted from A. A has best intentions because C is a liar and B is only under C’s spell without thinking too much. So A acts quite rightly. C noticed that B got his nose busted and now we’ve got a bigger problem…

Approach to solving the problem:
A gets his nose busted from B. A asks B: „hey, why are you doing that?“ B answers: „because C said, you have got two left hands.“ A answers: „look here, I have got one left and one right hand. Ok?“ B: „oh, really…

FriedenWhat have we learned?
Backfiring doesn’t solve problems, but most likely creates new problems. There’s no harm in asking but asking possibly avoids new problems. Asking is not only harmless, it’s responsibility!

So this was the easiest approach to solve a problem. But unfortunately it’s not always that simple…

We have so many conflicts and wars which were verifiable started on the basis of lies (Rwanda, Nayirah testimony Kuwait, weapons of mass destruction Iraq, Spanish-American war 1898 amongst others) that it nauseates me to think about it. And we should always ask who benefits from it when B rearranges A’s face. C? C’s boss? Or a major industry?

So many peoples or religious denominations were abused or sicked on each other without any substantial reason, based on lies, geopolitical interests or simple craving of power of single or few „bosses“. So many „A’s“ still want to take vengeance on „B’s“ due to the fact that B himself got screwed or was told a lie. We must be able to forgive and forget the past, to wipe the slate clean and dare to approach B. Thus we’ll get nowhere, with weapons we can’t eliminate conflicts, only addled soldiers and poor collateral damages.

We must dare to say: „ok, today is zero day, let’s start all over. Let’s assume we never fought. How do we want to live in future? Which enormous amounts of money, capacities and manpower would be to our disposal to help people in need of drinking water, enough food, basic medical care and education for everybody instead of using all that for weapons? Do we really prefer to say yes to a repeated higher military budget, weapons, war on terrorism and an illusion of „safety“ we can never create, even when each citizen is even most „transparent“ to the state? With how much less money and effort we could give all people on earth a liveable life and eliminate reasons to rearrange A’s face? How much longer do we watch this tragedy, the suffering and absolute bollocks?
Think – open your mouth – ask… we were given a brain, a mouth and speech for free, let’s use these incredible tools once again…

You could ask for example right away your „other“ neighbour or the Muslim seller around the corner or the Somalian refugee. To date you have no idea how Muslims live and think? You don’t know why the Somalian accepted the risk of dying whilst travelling on a nutshell to Europe? Invite him to a coffee and a piece of home-made cake and ask him. Just do it, you’ll get answers, you will understand how the „other“ thinks and that actually he just wants an income, a roof over his head, something to eat, family, friends, a little peace, just like you.

Sometimes, we have to let „the others“ be how they are.

Not everybody understands or wants our values like democracy, freedom, elections, free enterprise… And how do „the others“ see our values? (Overflowing) capitalism, unscrupulous/excessive „freedom“, (imaginary) safety (which in reality ends up in total control), human rights?

What do „rather traditionally“ peoples think of us when they see Hollywood, love parades, extreme tattooed or pierced, same-gender marriages and three-parent babies? How shall we travellers explain people in other countries that we Europeans lock away our old folks in retirement „homes“ and that we pamper our dogs (or cars) more than our kids, that we throw away 82kg (180lb) of food p.p. every year and that we need more „temporary life companions“ than panties (sorry, that one is a bit far out… but than…)?


And, by the way, which of our values is nowadays still so precious that we have to defend it at gunpoint or that we have to export it? What’s the state of our democracy and the possibility to cast a ballot, freedom and human rights?

Democracy isn’t comprehended or wanted any more. How else it is possible that nearly everywhere on earth there are no real election results anymore? 50/50, 49/51%, results based on voter turnouts we should be ashamed of. But watch out… we can’t stand „the others“ have elections which are not totally rightful… Yeah, democracy means that I can vote, the majority of votes, isn’t it? No, dear reader, democracy means „power and rule of the people“. Somehow I need some coaching here. Do I really have the feeling that power and rule do come from us mister average German, French, American or Greek? Ironically the word democracy comes from Greece ;-)

Do we really have freedom? Be honest, do we see a financial or otherwise benefit we are quick to approve and support that guy, this movement or that opinion frankly and honestly. Je suis Charlie! Woe betide you I write in my Facebook that I’m lesbian and smoke shit, that I’m an anarchist or believe in some conspiracy theories, I tattoo or pierce myself extremely or that I’m Muslim – it is a safe bet that I’m gonna have problems finding a good job! And when some of the most famous demonstrators from Charlie go home, they aren’t most convinced Charlies anymore. Or living in „gated communities“ – is that freedom??

We are quick to denunciate „the others“ in not complying with human rights – and look on helplessly and silently how „the West“ itself violates human rights, tortures possible assassins, tolerates Guantanamo and accepts uncountable collateral damages in the war against terrorism. Not to mention the permanent observation and approbation of firearms in the US. Not only many innocent bystanders die by drone attacks. The US administration defines without proper legal procedure who is a terrorist and death sentences are executed with drone attacks without juridical legitimation.

Why do we think we have to bring (or teach) democracy to the Middle East and countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Russia, Vietnam and all the rest of them when we know nothing whatsoever about how other religions do function and how multi-ethnic states originated, how traditions, customs and practice dictate „the others“ daily life? There are countries who manage monarchy pretty good (like Bhutan). Others live in spite of prohibition in castes (because they want it like that) and, rumour has it that there are people who are happy about the fact that no state meddles with their affairs. We don’t have to walk around everywhere and wag one’s finger at everybody.

When do „we“ stop to still colonize and exploit „the others“?
When do we stop to provoke and put up with proxy wars?
How much longer are we Germans proud to manufacture and export armament?
WE have to get under way.


Do you like this article? Soon more there will be more blogs under “Klitzeklein – itsy-bitsy”. I’m looking forward to your comments! Paola.



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